New Year 2016

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So, here we are! 2016, wet, windy and a seemingly miserable start to the New Year!
Do we now look back at the past year and reflect on how it was or do we look forward to things to come?
Look back for sure, re-evaluate, take stock and try and learn from mistakes but don't dwell on the negative events, we can't change the past but we can learn from it and use those lessons for the future.
Look to to the future, what do you want to attain from this year or the years ahead? How can you achieve them.
Like most (I guess) I want Health, Wealth and Happiness - the first two should lead to the third hopefully.
But how do I achieve that?
Health - I started in October, after years of burying my head in the sand about my type 2 Diabetes and the effect it would have in  the future, I joined my local Slimming World (with a little prompt from my Diabetic  nurse (who, I might add has been wonderful, never pushy, just gently making me realise how I could change things).
OK it's not a diet (not to me anyway) more a lifestyle change - but only small changes, nothing difficult. Along with group support (and my long suffering wife who has had to implement some of the changes) My weight has steadily decreased and already some of my meds have been reduced. I still have a way to go but I am on the way!
Wealth - A bit harder this one, obviously I want my photography business to prosper. To the point I can leave my other occupation which currently services my mortgage!
I order to do that I need to work harder to get my name more noticed, social media, wedding fairs etc are all to be focused on.
I am also currently evaluating the use of a drone to compliment my wedding/lifestyle shoots.
Training will be taken to refresh my skills also.
So if the two above go right then then surely the happiness will follow?
Time will tell but just sitting here doing nothing definately is NOT an option!
I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and hope its full of joy.



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