Portrait Tarif  
We all like photographs of the family in our home or in our workplace.

In this digital age, so many photographs get taken but then get left languishing on a PC only to be forgotten about....
Its such a shame, so why not treat yourself to a portrait session?
This can be done at home, in a studio or perhaps outside on a 'lifestyle shoot'.....
Formal or fun the choice is yours!

  We are currently only doing Lifestyle shoots at present.


£40 sitting fee for up to an hour



Print Prices

7x5 - £9

9x6 - £11

10x8 - £15

12x8 - £18


Or why not choose a pack?

Pack 1

three 7x5's for £20


Pack 2

Two 10x8's and One 7x5 for £35


Pack 3

Two each of 12x8, 10x8 and 7x5 for £70


Pack 4

Two 12x8, Four 10x8 and Three 7x5 for £100


All available in Glossy or Lustre, all sizes in inches.

Many other media available...Canvas, Acrylic etc